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ABWA Tipacon Charter Chapter 65th Anniversary Celebration
Posted October 26, 2018

Tipacon Charter Chapter of the American Business Women's Association celebrated their 65th Anniversary on October 26. 2018. 

The 2018 ABWA theme (Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You) is symbolic for Tipacon as our history began in Pontiac, MI. At the time the chapter was formed, the influence of several Indian tribes, including Huron, Chippewa and Ottawa, remained foremost in the history of a city so named for the prominent Chief Pontiac.

Our chapter’s name reflect the strength of our originating community and yet, gives credence to the Indian folklore.

The unfolding feather represents the reward for an act of bravery as practices in many Native American cultures. When a feather falls to the earth, it is said to carry all the energy of the bird it came from, and is perceived a gift of nature.

To honor our heritage, all attendees were given a feather to symbolize their personal and professional growth.

Business Associate and Honors Night
Posted July 2018

The Tipacon Business Associate and Honors Night was a night filled with  special memories. 


The evening began with our 2017 Business Associate, Faye Beardslee, telling us what it has meant to be our Business Associate throughout the past year.  Next she introduced our 2018 Business Associate, Kara Gerlach.  Kara is the Director of Operations for Cannabis Property Brokers of Michigan.

Next, recognition given to members that had milestone anniversaries. Congratulations Janice Turnbull, Sherri Karabelski and Karen Hall for your years of continued support.  


Sherri Karabelski was honored as our 2018 Woman of Excellence.  Sandy Miller was presented the 2018 Protege Award.   Mary Gleason was honored as our 2018 Star Award Recipient.  Perfect Attendance awards were handed out to Heather Naugler, Janice Turnbull, Sandy Miller and Mary Gleason.

The 2018/2019 Executive Board was introduced and installed.  Thank you to the outgoing board for your leadership and dedication.

It was a memorable night for everyone!

EMC Woman of the Year and Top Ten Nominee Event - Hosted by Tipacon
Posted April 14,2018

Tipacon Charter Chapter had the pleasure of hosting the 2018 Women of the Year and Top Ten Nominee Event.  Our committee chairs made the evening outstanding and memorable.  All chapters that are part of the Eastern Michigan Council had the opportunity to nominate a 2018 Woman of the Year and a 2019 Top Ten Nominee. 


Tipacon Charter Chapter is pleased to announce that Kelle Hruska was nominated as our 2018 Woman of the Year and Pam Codd was nominated as our 2019 Top Ten Nominee.

Visit our Facebook page for many more pictures of the event.  



Film Screening and Discussion

Please join us on Wednesday, March 14th at 5:30 pm at

Oakland University's Engineering Center.

115 Library Drive

Rochester, MI 48309

We are excited to partner with the Feminist's of Oakland University, and the National Organization for Women in a screening of the film Equal Means Equal.

96% of Americans believe that men and women are equal. Unfortunately, it’s not true. Women still do not have basic equality under federal law!

This exclusion has major negative impact on all of our lives. Not the least of which is a persistent gender wage gap that increases based on your race with white women making 79 cents on the white male dollar for the same work or work of equal value; African American women making 63 cents and Latinas coming in dead last at 54 cents!

No woman can make that kind of inequality work in the day-to-day of life. It is simply unsustainable and cruel.


About the Film:

EQUAL MEANS EQUAL offers an unflinching look at how women are treated in the United States today. 

Examining both real-life stories and precedent-setting legal cases, director Kamala Lopez uncovers how outdated and discriminatory attitudes inform and influence seemingly disparate issues, from workplace harassment to domestic violence, rape and sexual assault to the foster care system, and the healthcare conglomerate to the judicial system.

Along the way, she reveals the inadequacy of present laws that claim to protect women, ultimately presenting a compelling and persuasive argument for the urgency of ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

Business Associate / Honors Night
Posted July 19, 2017

Tipacon hosted their annual Business Associates Night in JUL. Event included the affiliation of our newest members and the installation of our newly elected board. Thank you to the 2016/2017 board for all of your efforts. Congratulations to our 2017/2018 board. Looking forward to your leadership this next year! Welcome to all of our newest members! We are glad that you are part of our league! It was also a night of honors! Our theme this year was Women in Flight: Shining Throughout History! We learned about many different women starting from the 1920s through 2010! Check out our photo's...

Ideal Escape Room:  Escape the Wild West!
Posted June 22, 2017

Well, we didn't escape the Wild West in 60 minutes, but we gave it our best shot! It took us 70 minutes and we used 6 hints. The best part is that we had fun AND we gained a new member! Welcome Faye!

Thanks to all of our guests and members that participated! Looking forward to our next challenge!

ABWA Central Regional Conference - Kansas City, MO
Posted March 29 - April 1, 2017

The Western Regional Conference was held at Hotel Phillips.  This is a historic hotel located in downtown Kansas City, MO.  There was so much beautiful architecture within this hotel that we had to share some of our favorite pictures.  They even had a speak-easy in the basement of the hotel!  For those that attended, were you given the password to get in?!

Kelli Vrla, a morning host on the nation's first all-women talk radio station, was our keynote speaker.  She taught us that when we succeed in completing our goals, we boost your self-confidence, our reputation and our career.  If you are not making progress on them, they become a source of stress. They can become overwhelming, irrelevant or just plain frustrating.  This seminar was designed to help you get on track with your goals! 

Painting with a Twist
Posted March 1, 2017

ABWA Tipacon held a recruiting event at Painting with a Twist in Rochester Hills, MI.  We had a great turn out!  Thanks to everyone that attended.  We hope that you join us for a future event!  What we discovered is that we are not all artists, but we sure had fun trying!

Delphi Recruiting Event
Posted November 30, 2016

ABWA Tipacon was invited back to Delphi to participate in their annual holiday vendor event.  This year's event was held at the Delphi Troy facility, so we were fortunate to be able to bring ABWA to a new group of perspective members.  Tipacon donated a necklace and earrings for the event.  All proceeds from the raffle went towards Delphi's selected charity, which was United Way.  


Just is a little way that we are giving back to our community! Thank you for the opportunity!

ABWA National Women's Leadership Conference (Chattanooga, TN)

Posted October 26 - 29, 2016

NWLC 2016

Chattanooga, TN

For those that weren't able to attend the NWLC, we tried to capture some of the moments for you to enjoy!  All aboard, we hope you enjoy the journey!



The conference opened with the Four Bitchin' Babes, four accomplished musician-actress comediennes.  They honored and paid tribute to the wacky and hectic lives of women.  They were hilarious!


Dr. Tererai Trent - one of today’s most internationally recognized voices for quality education and women’s empowerment.  She told her inspiring story which started when her mother convinced her to write down her dreams and bury them in the ground under a rock!

Rene' Street introducing our keynote speaker, Dr. Tererai Trent.

"Your dreams will have greater meaning when you tie them to your community."



There were three seminar tracks offered at the NWLC.  All three provided expert professionals speaking on the topics.

Track A is for women pursuing their MBA Essentials through the ABWA-KU program.  This track offered Human Resource Management presented by Clint Chadwick, Accounting Tools for Financial Success presented by Alee Phillips and Financial Leadership in the Firm presented by Kelly Welch, PH.D. 

Track B is “Be a More effective You,” is about how best to relate and communicate with different people. This track offered Fausta Britton presenting Managing Generational Differences, Connie Podesta presenting StandOut Leadership…Lead like you Mean It and Lorinda Lewis presenting Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making.

Track C is “Women as 21st Century Leaders.” This highlighted new skills for a new century.  It included Creative Problem Solving: A Critical Skill presented by Laurie Dipadova-Stocks, PH.D., A 21st Century Dilemma: Understanding Organizations by Kay Barnes and The Care and Feeding of Women Leaders: Managing Time and Stress presented by Linda Moore, ED.D.



The Best Practices Approach provides league leadership with a structured framework for managing and guiding their strategic direction and initiatives within the Association Guidelines, ensuring that each league achieves its full potential.

There are four levels of Best Practice; Striving, Level III, Level II and Level I.  Tipacon is pleased to announce that we achieved Striving for Best Practice!  This was the first time that our league has reached a Best Practice level.  Congratulations to all of our members for this accomplishment.  All leagues that achieved a Best Practice level were recognized at the NWLC.




The conference ended with a dessert reception - yum!  The entertainment was fabulous!  Wayne Lee hypnotized many ABWA women! He was outstanding and so were the women.  What can I say, what happens in Chattanooga, stays in Chattanooga!!  Enough said!

ABWA Tipacon Board Retreat

Posted July 22 - 24, 2016
The new 2016-2017 Board Members met for a weekend retreat to establish the vision, set our goals, developed the standing rules that support the chapter and national bylaws, prepared our budget and determined ways to grow our chapter and maintain our membership.

Over the first two months, we want to educate the chapter on the new bylaws, best practices, introduce the new community connection website (replaced WIN), review the calendar of events, keep membership informed on the details of the National Women’s Leadership Conference and go over several exercises to strengthen, maintain and grow our membership. 


Growing our brand (ABWA Tipacon) will be key throughout the year, but especially important in these first few months.  In order to do this, each member will be given the proper tools to help sell our brand.  Details will be provided at the first meeting.

ABWA Tipacon Business Associate / Honors Night

Posted July 6, 2016
Tipacon hosted their annual Business Associate / Honors Night.  The evening was packed entertainment, awards and recognition.  

Our evening started with Face Reading by Lin.  She gave us a high level overview of understanding facial features and the types of personalities associated with those features.


Our main event was to recognize and honor a BUSINESS ASSOCIATE, Sue Marin, and an HONORS AWARD was presented to Britne Bell. Congratulations! You both are very accomplished women!

Next, we installed our new board members (left to right):  Pamela Codd (President), Kelle Hruska (Vice President), Andrea Turnbull (Recording Secretary), Mary Gleason (Treasurer) and Joanne Carlson (Cooresponding Secretary).

Special recognition to Tammy Murray, WOMAN OF THE YEAR, and to Marilyn Lash, Past Tipacon President.

Our newest member, Diane McCall, was installed (left).  


The PROTEGE AWARD was given to all of our new members (pictured left to right): Pam Codd, Kelle Hruska, Andrea Turnbull, Erica Stachowiak and Teri Lash.  Not pictured:  Roberta Erxleben and Julie Schultz.

ABWA Tipacon Meet and Greet - Membership Drive

Posted May 22, 2016


Tipacon held their spring membership drive at the The Gateway of Clarkston.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  You couldn't have asked for a better day for our event. We met a lot of great people throughout the event.  Thank you to the Gateway of Clarkston for their generosity and to everyone that participated.  It was a successful event!


If you missed our event and are interested in ABWA, contact our membership chair.

Eastern Michigan Council Woman of the Year Celebration

Hosted by Tipacon Charter Chapter

Posted April 23, 2016


This celebration recognized the Woman of the Year and the Top Ten Nominees from the leagues within the Eastern Michigan Council. Tipacon would like to congratulations to all of these amazing women #livingthemission in #abwa!

2016 District V Chapter's
Women of the Year
2016 District V Chapter's
Top Ten Business Women Nominees

Central Regional Conference (Districts III and V) - Indianapolis, IN

Posted April 7 - 9, 2016


Tipacon is pleased that nine of our members attended the Central Regional Conference in Indianapolis, IN.  Even though the weather outside was a little chilly and damp, inside it was HOT with excitement!


The weekend's events started with inspiring words from our Executive Director, René Street. Lisa Montross ABWA National President, Gena Glover III VP and Julie Sullivan District V. VP were the presiding board members.  The rest of the national board were in attendance and they did their part in making everyone feel welcome, especially the first time attendees!  You are all amazing women and we are fortunate to have you as our leadership!


Throughout the weekend, we were able to "Ignited Our Dreams" in ABWA through recognition, enhancing leadership skills and by participating in networking events.


Oh, and I can't forget about the two fantastic seminar speakers.  Lorinda Lewis on "Giving and Receiving Feedback and Constructive Criticism" gave us the tools to handle whatever comes our way!  Fausta Britton on "Handling Conflict and Confrontation for Women" helped us gain the necessary skills that will benefit us throughout our entire career and life!  After listening to both of these women, all I can say is THANK YOU!


Between all of the activities, we had the opportunity to network with other members and our national board.  Oh, and how could I forget the shopping at the vendor tables!


As first time attendees, two of our newest members documented their experience by creating an ABWA frame and snapping pictures of all of their new friends!


#livingthemission in #abwa #riseup

Delphi Recruiting Event

Posted December 11, 2015

ABWA Tipacon was invited back to Delphi to participate in their annual holiday vendor event. We had a lot of interest at our table.  While seeking perspective members, we also made contact with potential business sponsors.


Tipacon donated a flower arrangement for the event.  Proceeds from the raffle went toward Delphi's selected charities for this year, which were Forgotten Harvest and Toys for Tots.  


A snowman candleholder was awarded to the luckiest person that visited our vendor table. 

ABWA Tipacon Holiday Gathering

Posted December 2, 2015

Tipacon rang into the holiday season with our annual holiday gathering!  The evening's event started with a Jingle Mingle where our guests socialized while sharing their plans for the upcoming season. After dinner, music filled the air as guest joined us in singing our favorite holiday songs.  The main event for the evening was Ron Aldrich, Mentalist / Magician.  He was amazing!  The audience was stunned as he marveled all of us with his performance.  
Our members also participated in a cookie exchange.  We even had a visit from two of our favorite elves, Jingles and Jangles!
We wish all of you a very safe and happy holiday season!
ABWA National Women's Leadership Conference

Posted October 17, 2015

This fall the ABWA National Leadership Conference was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The theme was "Get Your Kicks on Route 66", since Route 66 runs through the heart of Albuquerque straight to ABWA's biggest networking event of the year!


Alicia Menendez, host of "AM Tonight" on Fusion, was the opening keynote speaker, while America's favorite mashup group, the Company Men, entertained the audience.


Marilyn Lash, Tipacon's President, attended the conference along with a host of other District V ABWA members.  Marilyn met a lot of new ABWA friends while participating in the various training sessions and team building events.


Congratulations to our newly elected ABWA National Board.  We look forward to your leadership and being part of your team!


Start making plans to join us for the 2016 ABWA National Women’s Leadership Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It will be held at the Chattanooga Convention Center on October 26 - 29, 2016.  If you are in business, as an employee, employer, business owner, service provider, consultant or a career opportunity seeker, than this conference is just for you!  Look for upcoming notices on this event!  Hope you can join us!

Down Syndrome Buddy Walk®

Posted September 26, 2015

Tipacon Charter Chapter came out to support the 11th Annual "Step UP for Down Syndrome" Buddy Walk®. We rallied around Shane Karabelski who is the CEO of "Shane's Shakers" and the son of one of our members.  Shane led his team, along with his loyal mascot, SpongeBob, throughout the day.


This year's event was hosted by Roop Raj, Fox2 News Personality, and Joey Namou, On Air Personality at Channel 955.


In 1995, the Buddy Walk® program was established by the National Down Syndrome Society to promote acceptance of people with Down syndrome.  The name Buddy Walk® promotes inclusion between friends of all abilities.


Kentucky Derby Dinner

Posted December 20, 2014

Horse races, beautiful hats and YES, we even had jockeys! What an event!


This was our second Kentucky Derby Dinner and a fun time was had by all!


Women (and even men!) wore their best derby hat which were judged.  Hat styles ranged from miniature hats to creatively designed derby hats to big flouncy hats to Victorian style hats! Each guest "placed" their vote for their favorite hat and our winners were Nikki Boisvert, and Bettie Johnson and Sherri Karabelski (left to right).



Our Derby Hat Winners!
Decisions, Decisions!
Beautiful Hat!
Our Jockeys!
Wearing the Miniature Hats!
Beautiful Women!
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