The American Business Women's Association is a prestigious, national organization established for working women and women business owners.It is a community where women can be part of a national organization with a local connection, come together to gain career development and pursue business opportunities while being influenced and mentored by like-minded women who really care.


Are you looking for a place to connect, learn and grow?

Becoming a member of ABWA  – the leading organization for working women and women business owners – provides you with exclusive access to a comprehensive online learning and communication tool as well as a community of members across the country.


Could you benefit from joining a prestigious, dynamic and innovative organization?

As a member of ABWA, you will be part of an organization making certain that women continue to move forward, understand new technology, embrace new concepts and improve their leadership skills.


Are you in search of a network that will provide education, experience and enthusiasm?

ABWA is committed to creating accessible, affordable and innovative learning opportunities that will prepare you to respond to the challenges and opportunities you experience at any given moment.  As a National member, you can choose from a diverse collection of online courses in ABWA’s Apex Campus available 24/7.  We welcome learners of all ages, educational backgrounds and career paths who are motivated to chart their learning journey.

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Join ABWA to Connect, Learn, and Grow! Membership opens many professional growth opportunities while keeping you connected to the largest network of working women in the country. You’ll benefit from leadership training, professional development, networking opportunities, and more.


Join today and become a member in the American Business Women's Association where you will receive 20x your annual investment with these exclusive benefits and savings:

  • Join a local ABWA community; ABWA Tipacon Charter Chapter offers monthly professional development opportunities and networking with other local professional women.

  • Free and heavily discounted courses in ABWA’s, Apex Campus, a savings of thousands of dollars.

  • Discounted conference registrations hosted by ABWA National in the spring and fall each year.

  • Complimentary subscription to the Achieve Newsletter published six times a year.

  • Complimentary Subscription to Women in Business Magazine® published three times a year.

  • Discount on the Business Source subscription, a monthly summary on business books.

  • Discount on GEICO Auto Insurance (in most states).

  • Free $1500 in Accidental Death insurance!



Tipacon Charter Chapter is a local league to the American Business Women's Association (ABWA).  Being part of a local league offers a place to connect, learn and grow both personally and professionally.  

The vision of this year's executive board is to focus on women's issues and gender equality. Both issues are current and need to be addressed to help raise awareness for women to advance within the workplace.

Throughout the year, watch our event calendar as we will be hosting informative events that will build your network and to give you the necessary leadership and business skills. Hope to see you at once of our events!



Leagues are integral to ABWA’s existence because they provide Association members with a place to belong, to convene, to converse, to create expectations of themselves and each other, and a place to achieve, in what business author Peter Block defines as, “a community of aliveness.”

In ABWA, the primary opportunity for members to increase their business efficacy is a result of their active participation and collaboration in a wide-range of league initiatives grounded in business concepts ranging from annual planning to marketing and communication. ABWA’s Best Practices Approach requires members to draw upon their collective wisdom, knowledge, and skills in a collaborative management style as they identify opportunities and solve challenges impacting their league at that particular moment in time. The situational opportunities and challenges identified by the league’s membership will require the practice of a variety of skill sets—sales, time management, goal setting, fiscal management, public speaking, written communication, negotiation, and meeting facilitation—in order to achieve the desired outcome.

We are pleased to announce that Tipacon Charter Chapter has received Striving for Best Practices for the fourth consecutive year!  Congratulations Members!



ABWA Perspective Member Brochure

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Local (ABWA Tipacon) Dues

Cost:  $30 (Cash/Check, Payable ABWA Tipacon)

$32 via PayPal


Renewal Date:  1st WED in AUG





National ABWA Dues


Cost:  $115

Renewal Date:  Prior End Anniversary Month


American Business Women's Association - Tipacon Charter Chapter Established 1953


Tipacon is a leading women’s organization that supports our members and the community, providing opportunities for leadership development, fostering valuable connections, and facilitating member success through recognition and guidance, while building lifelong relationships and focusing on the future.