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Leagues are integral to ABWA’s existence because they provide Association members with a place to belong, to convene, to converse, to create expectations of themselves and each other, and a place to achieve, in what business author Peter Block defines as, “a community of aliveness.”



In ABWA, the primary opportunity for members to increase their business efficacy is a result of their active participation and collaboration in a wide-range of league initiatives grounded in business concepts ranging from annual planning to marketing and communication. ABWA’s Best Practices Approach requires members to draw upon their collective wisdom, knowledge, and skills in a collaborative management style as they identify opportunities and solve challenges impacting their league at that particular moment in time. The situational opportunities and challenges identified by the league’s membership will require the practice of a variety of skill sets—sales, time management, goal setting, fiscal management, public speaking, written communication, negotiation, and meeting facilitation—in order to achieve the desired outcome.


We are pleased to announce that Tipacon Charter Chapter has received Striving for Best Practices for the fifth consecutive year! Congratulations Members!

Brilliance Unleashed Award

Brilliance Unleashed Award No Background

The Brilliance Unleashed Award was first introduced at the 2019 National Women's Leadership Conference (NWLC) in Kansas City, MO.  René Street, Executive Director of ABWA, surprised the organization by announcing that there were eleven chapters out of over 100 chapters that had the most outstanding Best Practice Submissions.  

We are pleased to announce that the ABWA Tipacon Charter Chapter was one of the eleven chapters that received this prestigious award!

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